Crane Inspections


Crane & Rigging Consultants, Inc. understands the importance of ongoing maintenance and inspection of equipment including, mobile and tower cranes, forklifts, and personnel lifts. Proper inspection and documentation is critical in maintaining the equipment's value, proof of good maintenance programs during a sale or purchase of a piece of equipment, for OSHA compliance reasons and most importantly, to prevent accidents and injuries from defective equipment.

Steve Miller and Rich Trosper hold current certifications in mobile, tower, and overhead crane inspection with a combined experience of seventy years on and around cranes and equipment. They clearly understand the technical and practical issues regarding equipment inspection.

We offer annual inspections on new and altered equipment, load testing, machines that have been idle for more than six months, and machines that are simply due for their annual inspection. On and off rent inspections are offered as well as post assembly inspections.

Crane & Rigging Consultants, Inc. inspection procedure is thorough and unbiased. We are not a repair company and, therefore, have no financial interest in declaring unwarranted deficiencies. Inspections of your equipment are conducted at your place of business or job site, with times convenient to equipment availability. Detailed inspection reports are provided upon completion of the job. 
Inspections are conducted in accordance with all applicable safety standards including, at a minimum, OSHA 1926.1400, 1910.180, and ANSI/ASME B30.5-2007. 
Crane & Rigging Consultants staff has conducted crane inspection training for Federal OSHA, Department of Energy, Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratories,  US Army Corps of Engineers and hundreds of commercial contractors and crane owners.