NCCCO was formed in January 1995 as a non-profit organization to develop effective performance standards for safe crane operation to assist all segments of general industry and construction.

By providing a thorough, independent assessment of knowledge and skills, NCCCO aims to enhance lifting equipment safety, reduce workplace risk, improve performance records, stimulate training, and give due recognition to the professionals who work in, with and around cranes.

The establishment of NCCCO was the culmination of almost 10 years continuous work by representatives of all industries that use cranes. In essence, the NCCCO program was developed by industry for industry, and continues to be supported by it.

The key elements of the NCCCO program are that it:

  • actively encourages training, yet is separate from it
  • verifies that training has been effective
  • was developed in a non-regulatory environment
  • is modeled on ANSI/ASME consensus guidelines
  • meets recognized professional credentialing criteria
  • has participation from all industry sectors
  • is officially recognized by federal OSHA as meeting crane operators qualifications
  • is accredited by independent accrediting bodies (ANSI and NCCA)
The instructors at Crane & Rigging Consultants are NCCCO accredited practical examiners and are currently certified in the following specialties:
  • Crawler Mounted Lattice Cranes 
  • Truck Mounted Lattice Cranes
  • Large Telescopic Cranes
  • Small Telescopic Cranes
  • Basic Rigger
  • Signal Person
Miller Safety Consulting and Crane & Rigging Consultants offer training and NCCCO testing in the specialties listed above.  Remember, we offer this training and testing at our facility or yours.  Call for more details.