Rigger & Signal Person Training


Miller Safety Consulting, Inc. has been offering qualified rigger and signalperson training since before the new OSHA Subpart CC, Crane Standard was published and made it mandatory.  Miller offers this training in two separate formats.  Because the new OSHA crane standard does not specifically require certification through a Nationally recognized and accredited organization such as NCCCO, many Companies choose to get the training and testing without taking the extra step to include NCCCO certification.
Others that may be working on certain government projects, or for clients that choose to require the NCCCO certification as part of their overall safety program, take that extra step and go for the CCO certification.  Some insurance companies may even offer discounts to clients whose workers are CCO certified.
The basic rigger and signalperson training consists of eight hours of training that includes power point presentations, text and reference materials, audio visual graphics for signalperson training and testing, and multiple choice tests.  Participants may receive certification on visual hand signals and/or voice signals.
This training is offered in English and Spanish.  Please keep in mind that those participants who can communicate the signals orally in Spanish only shall receive that designation on their certification cards.
NCCCO certification testing in basic rigger and signalperson is offered at an additional cost.  The eight hour training outlined above adequately prepares the individual for the NCCCO tests if they should decide to do so.  The testing consists of written and practical exams for each discipline and will be offered as a two day event.  CCO certification is valid for five years.
Please refer to the "Calendar of Events" page for dates and times of these workshops.